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A WPEngine promo code is yet another reason to choose WPEngine as your managed WordPress hosting provider. Using one of these discount codes will allow you to make your WordPress site blazing fast at an affordable and reasonable price. For example, if you sign up for hosting through the discount link provided, you can purchase WPEngine’s Personal plan for $19.43. The Professional plan gets knocked down to just $66/month, and the Business plan drops to only $166.83. The codes listed above are the most current WPEngine discounts, however, WPEngine randomly offers discounts to customers on special occasions like Black Friday and random flash hosting sales throughout the year, so be on the lookout for those!

To get the biggest WPEngine discount, simply follow the steps outlined. Click the link and the code will automatically be copied to your computer’s clipboard. From there, simply paste the code into promo code box at checkout, and you will see the discount reflected in the total price! **For annual plans, we recommend using the “Annual Plan” discount, which will give you two months of hosting for free. However, if you would like to go month to month, the “33% Off” code will give you 33% off WPEngine hosting plans, allowing you to save money.


Looking around for a place to build your WordPress based business site? If so, we’ve got a great solution for you. In your search, you’ve probably seen the name WPEngine go by a time or two. They’re the premier destination for WordPress hosting. Their mission is providing the most value for your business dollars. Their reliability, security, speed, and ease of use are top notch. After looking at their plans, you may be distracted by the price, by read this before you discount them. Trust us, we host all of our websites on WPengine, and it is TOTALLY worth it. Read on to see why.

There are tons of benefits to choosing WPEngine as your hosting provider. Not only are they the oldest and most established fully managed WordPress host on the market, but they also provide incredible speed, tight security, amazing customer support, and discount codes to save you tons of money! The benefits of choosing this hosting provider include the following:



The first advantage of WPEngine is that they deal exclusively in managed WordPress hosting, and nothing else. It might seem strange to picture a WordPress hosting company as an artisan shop, but it’s true. All of their energy goes into their mission. They want you to have your WordPress site on high performance servers, running the most secure code, with the most robust backup solutions. And they deliver on that promise.

How does a giant among hosting providers think of themselves as artisans? It’s because they take two specific things, WordPress hosting and customer service, and elevate them to a very high level. Sign up for WPEngine and you’ll find their commitment to customer satisfaction rivals that of any small craft shop.


It doesn’t take long to start tapping your foot or rolling your eyes if a web page doesn’t load. We’re all busy. We don’t want to stare at a blank screen when we’re trying to order supplies or check email. Your customers are the same way. They’ll leave in a heartbeat if your website isn’t up to speed, literally. WPEngine knows your success is their success, so they give you enterprise level performance at every level of their hosting plans.

WPEngine makes your website so fast by utilizing special hardware to ensure you get the fastest speeds possible. A combination of International data centers, multi-server clusters, wicked-fast hardware with in-RAM caching, CDN integration, and their proprietary EverCache technology ensure that your content is served to users in nothing but the fastest speeds at the fastest page load times.


We don’t always need two of everything. However, when it comes to your data, two of everything makes sense. Your WPEngine hosting plan will have built in redundancy. What’s that mean? Your data will be backed up nightly, retrievable when needed with a quick support call. And your hosted content will be spread across multiple servers, thanks to WPEngine’s partnerships with content delivery services. No matter where your customers sit on the globe, they’ll get your content from a server nearby.

In addition, WPEngine allows you to back up your website with a simple push of a button. You can store the content on your allotted disk space or push it to another area, like Amazon’s cloud storage, with WPEngine’s LargeFS system. The best part? This system is absolutely FREE!


Ready for some tough love? While WordPress has countless plugins available, you can’t use all of them on WPEngine. Why? The reason is security. WPEngine examines plugins for safety, and to ensure they work as advertised. Some plugins have unneeded features or code that taxes servers. In these cases, WPEngine will mark them as disallowed. This rule only affects a small percentage of plugins, so it’s likely that your favorites are still available.

Second, the guarantee. They understand what happens to a business when their storefront to the world disappears. Because of this, they routinely test their servers and scan for vulnerabilities. You can sleep well knowing your website is secure. However, in the very unlikely event that your website does get hacked, WPEngine will stand behind your and fix the problem for free.


Have a question about those disallowed plugins? Need some help importing a database? Wondering about best practices for handling email? Those answers, along with hundreds more, are easily accessible for you on the WPEngine support site. We recommend spending some time search through the notes after buying your hosting plan. Being acclimated to the way WPEngine does all things WordPress will help in the event you need to contact their support staff.

Still haven’t found your answer? on the WPEngine support site, you’ll see a button that says, “I Need More Support.” Click on that and they’ll be happy to promptly answer questions and address any technical problems you have.



While there are many advantages to choosing WPEngine as your hosting provider, there are inevitably a few downsides. Most users will overlook the disadvantages entirely because there are so many advantages, but we must touch on them for consistency.


WPEngine costs a lot more than shared hosting providers. While you can get a shared hosting plan at a discount hosting provider like Bluehost or A Small Orange for a mere $4-5/month, WPEngine’s cheapest plan costs $29 without a discount. This is a lot more expensive than a lot of people want to pay, but keep in mind that WPEngine is a premier web host, meaning that you pay for what you get!


We have given you an overview of, outlined the advantages and disadvantages of WPEngine hosting, and showed you how to save money when signing up for managed WordPress hosting. Now it is time to get our opinion in one condensed paragraph. What do we think about WPEngine hosting?

It is awesome, and totally worth the price. You may look at the price and decide to go out and purchase another hosting package such as Arvixe, A Small Orange, or GoDaddy. If you are running a WordPress site, we highly recommend you choose WPEngine from the start.

The features, support, security, and speed you will experience with WPEngine hosting are second to none, meaning your site will perform at its best, no matter how many visitors stop by. In addition, you can use one of our WPEngine promo codes to get this hosting for less, saving you tons of money in the process! Sign up for WPEngine now; we know you won’t be disappointed!

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