Symple Shortcodes Plugin


Symple Shortcodes is a WordPress plugin designed by AJ Clarke to let the users change theme without losing their styles. This plugin allows you to add shortcodes to your site and keep them even if you change the theme.

Shortcodes that are included in this plugin are: Social icons, Dividers, Buttons, Highlights, Testimonial, Boxes, Tabs, Toggles, Accordion, Callouts, Pricing, Skill bars, Columns and Tables. This WordPress plugin is distributed for free.

WP Shortcodes are little bits of code that will let you make different things at your website with no effort. Thanks to shortcodes user can execute code inside posts, pages, and widgets without direct code writing. This way page creator can build in files or make objects that would usually request a lot of code in single line.

Most of these styles can help you modify and adapt the looks of each part of website to suit your needs. For example you can change colors or add borders. You can also style it a little bit more. This can be done by creating custom CSS classes for each style and include them in your theme’s CSS. This way you can personalize your styles.

Normally WordPress themes have a large number of embedded shortcodes. Once you choose a theme you can stylize your page using them. If you change your mind about theme and decide to use another one, you might lose all your styles since your shortcode might not work on that new theme.

Symple Shortcodes plugin is a great solution for WordPress users that like changing themes a lot. Without Symple Shortcodes replacing one theme with another can be really annoying. You are probably put in a lot of effort to make some awesome styles that will be lost after changing the theme. At this point you can do the job from scratch and manually add new shortcodes to redesign your theme. Another way to deal with the problem is to use Symple Shortcodes. It will keep your shortcodes as you customize it so they are available to every theme you want to use.

-Why should you use it?

  1. It is free – Even this plugin is free it offers you a lot of possibilities that will help you to make your page to look nice and be highly functional.
  2. It holds your website’s functionality – With this plugin, you can save all of your functions in a particular plugin and once you change themes you will still keep all of that functionality.
  3. It offers great design – Symple Shortcodes offers you possibility to make well-designed styles that are also plain enough to fit in with most themes without being monotonous.
  4. It lets you to personalize your page – The advantage of using Symple Shortcodes in a theme is that shortcodes can be designed especially for your theme, instead of being generic for every theme.

This WP pluginj isn’t the only one of this kind. There are some other free shortcode plugins available but they usually include a small amount of shortcodes. Some of them are very complex while other are poorly coded. Some of them simply don’t have likeable style or you have to pay a lot for them.

With SympleShortcodes people get 100% GPL product that can be used on all of user’s websites and client projects. It is created in the way that it is easy to use, minimally styled to fit most sites, and easy customized.

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