Steal Competitor’s Keywords with These Free Tools

Steal Competitor’s Keywords with These Free Tools

Aren’t you curious about the keywords your competitors are using which make them on the top list of search results?  It is because to tell you honestly, there is a big probability that they have long been spying on your consumption of keywords. Spying is one effective strategy today in order to get to know what keywords your competitors are using that are making them overtake on everyone else in the search results.

So, will you just sit there and let them steal your hard-earned keywords? The best thing that you can do make even with your competitors is to steal their keywords too. You must plot your own sweet revenge to be able to see which keywords your competitors are usually using. With these keywords, you can now optimize your site. But, how should you do this? Well, you can definitely do this through using competitor analysis and backlink checkers.  With these two, you can simply outrank your competitors. They can check and analyze your competitors’ backlinks so that you can change yours with the keywords they use.

Getting Started with Your Plan

To steal your competitors’ keywords, you initially have to make a search for any keyword on the Google search bar.  Every of these sites in the top ten search results have a backlink profile which pleases Google.  Most part of their backlink profile is the culprit for powering their ranking. Can you imagine what will happen if your website have similar backlinks?  You can now have the chance to make it on the top ten search results!

Anyway back to the process on how to outrank your competitors, you must gather each URL of the sites which made it to the top ten search results.  Through using a backlink checker, you can figure out the backlinks these URLs are using.  There are many Backlink checkers out there either free or paid that you can use to check your competitors’ backlinks.  If you want to know some variety of this tool, here they are:

  1. Ahref. A famous backlink checker in the market today is Ahref. Coming with a free and paid version, this backlink checker provides you with lots of backlink based data but you are only allowed to view the top ten backlinks of every report.  On the other hand, the paid account permits you to export all of the backlinks into a CSV format file in a single click.  This tool provides a great deal of comprehensive details associated to all of your site’s backlinks and how your site links are decreasing or increasing.
  1. Semrush. Semrush is a tool that continuously progresses. It comes as a paid backlink checker with an extensive database that is up to date each day.  In here, you have the chance to check your site’s backlink status easily and accurately.   You can check your own site’s backlinks as well as your competitors. Additionally, they have a backlink comparison tool that you can utilize to compare your own domain backlinks with others and after which, you can generate a report.
  2. BuzzSumo. Primarily, this tool is used for content marketing.  Coming with a free and pro version, its pro version has now added an excellent feature, letting you check backlinks to any individual page of your site or your domain. Aside from that, you have the alternative to download present links into Excel or CSV format.
  1. BacklinkWatch.  BacklinkWatch is a remarkable tool to check blogs’ backlinks. It provides you with all the details of  your blog’s backlinks   
  1. Open Site Explorer.   Open Site Explorer is one of the most favorite backlink checkers for sites today.  It is indeed helpful whenever you desire to compare backlinks between 2 or more domains. This tool is the best when you have SEOMOZ’s paid account, even though its free tool is nice enough to get you started for checking your site and your competitors’ backlinks.
  1. Link Diagnosis.  This backlink checker offers you with various alternatives while checking your blog’s backlinks, such as when you desire to have an optimized or detailed report, or you like to view backlinks for an individual page or the full site.  This tool can offer various outputs and further.  Simply keep in mind that this tool works best with Firefox.

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