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If you own a company and you are trying to improve your business’ professional site, or are a novice blogger that just launched a blog, MaxCDN can delivers high quality solutions to speed up your site. MaxCDN, one of the most reputable and highly trusted CDN providers in the industry, offers a free trial for website owners that use over 15TB of bandwidth monthly. The free trial includes many of the features included with paid plans, allowing users to unleash their website’s full potential before they purchase a plan.


MaxCDN is an industry-leading CDN provider that helps users speed up their websites. A CDN, or content delivery network, is an interrelated system of servers connected to the Internet that provide web content quickly to large number of users all around the world. A CDN duplicates the content on many servers and sends the content to consumers, using unique logic that delivers the content from the server that’s closest to the end user. This system is very important if you run a high traffic website, eCommerce site, or a site with large amounts of images and videos.

MaxCDN, based in Los Angeles, California, was founded in 2009 by Chris Ueland and David Henzel. This company’s services makes a great effort to cut down latency of rich-content distribution. MaxCDN owns and manages regional edge-servers that are used to duplicate files of the customers and send them to a number of locations worldwide respecting the logic of proximity. ManCDN offers a wide range of CDN services such as those for leading content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Magneto, Drupal, PrestaShop, Joomla, OpenCart etc.


Signing up for a MaxCDN free trial is easy as long as you fit the requirements outlined. If your site uses 15TB of bandwidth per month you can sign up for MaxCDN free trial, and take an advantage of all the features of MaxCDN plans. The free trial includes all features offered with an enterprise CDN hosting plan. You will get unlimited bandwidth and numerous features, as well as get setup with a 1-on-1 integration call.

The length of a MaxCDN trial varies depending on your needs. As soon as you have signed up to MaxCDN free trial, the support team will contact you. At this point you will be able to negotiate your trial period. The free trial usually lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 days, but can exceed the span of a few months depending on what you can negotiate with the support team.

After your free trial runs out, you will need to select a paid plan for CDN service to remain enabled on the account. MaxCDN plans start at just $9 a month, which will most likely be enough for most users. These plans are highly scalable, meaning it is very easy to simply upgrade plans when the time comes. No matter what your needs are, MaxCDN has a plan for you.


  1. It saves your money – Using a free trial means that you will have at least 15 days that you don’t have to pay for MaxCDN’s services. This allows you to try out a CDN for your site and decide whether you will keep using these services with no risk.
  2. Increase in speed – You will gain a significant improvement in your website’s speed and general performance. If your site is fast you will likely see improved conversion rates as well as better ranking in SERPs.
  3. Simple Control Panel – You will be able to access to all of your features and controls quickly and easily. MaxCDN offers an intuitive control panel that can be adjusted for every kind of user.
  4. Different kinds of CDN Zones – MaxCDN free trials also include a VOD Zone and Live Zone. The first one is used to stream pre-recorded video, and the other is made for streaming live video.
  5. Customer Support – You will be able to contact customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days by the phone, email, chat support or fax. Once you get in touch with support team you will get help from dedicated and highly skilled support representatives.
  6. Support for multiple CMS – You can set up MaxCDN with various CMS platforms. But you will not be alone in the process. MaxCDN provides extensive guides and video tutorials to help you get started. In addition, MaxCDN also supports different eCommerce portals and forum software.
  7. API – You will get a powerful API which will help you to integrate users, zones and other resources into the applications using the programming languages you like. They also offer SDKs for .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go and Node.js. This way you will be able to control your account’s management and data, and even create your own Control Panel.
  8. Best Security – MaxCDN accounts are protected utilizing SSL, email alerts, IP whitelist, two-factor authentication as well as an activity log. You will have the assurance that your site will be highly secure, even if you are on the free trial.


It is great that MaxCDN offers a free trial, and is a great marketing technique for the company. However, it may be hard for some smaller blogs and websites to hit the 15TB threshold if they don’t have large amounts of pictures, videos, and traffic. This could push some users to CloudFlare, a MaxCDN competitor that offers a free trial no matter how much bandwidth uses.

But if you are eligible for a MaxCDN free trial, there is no reason not to try it. A money-back guarantee ensures that you will be satisfied, even if this is not for you. We can be sure that you will be happy with MaxCDN, however!

Ready to make the leap and integrate MaxCDN into your site? Then sign up now for a free trial. You won’t be disappointed!

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