Make Money With The Fiverr Affiliate Program


Fiverr is an excellent place for outsourcing services like content and graphics making. All services start at just $5, but can cost more depending on the add-ons. It is a good resource for those who are just starting and polishing their websites because almost any service needed to build a website are found here.

But if you are tired of telling people about Fiverr and not getting anything in return, you should take a look at the Fiver affiliate program.


The Fiverr affiliate program is not the typical program that affiliates are typically used to. Still, you get the chance to earn from $7 up to $17. To earn this, all you have to do is refer new customers to Fiverr. For every customer referral, you get receive an amount in this range. The amount you receive basically depends on quality of traffic you are getting. But whatever the quality of traffic is, affiliates still receive a commission of over $5 every time the customer you refer makes a $5 purchase.


Just recently, Fiverr has launched a new affiliate program in collaboration with Linkshare. The new program was a contest-type of program. It works by giving participants credit. The incorporated content allows all participants to receive more points for every individual they invite. As a result, the affiliates become more encouraged to invite their friends and contacts. Hence, the more Fiverr and its services are spread to others. The advantage of this program is it gets them to earn credits while also obtaining the opportunity to win sweet prizes along the process.


If you want to sign up and become an affiliate, you only need to visit its main page, which is at Make sure to read the terms and conditions and familiarize yourself with before proceeding. Click the Affiliate Sign Up link if you do not have an account yet and fill out the form with all the needed information. Once done, proceed to clicking the Submit button. The application will be received by Fiverr account manager and reviewed.

How to Earn Credit on Fiverr

Earning credits on Fiverr is pretty easy. The only thing you need to do is to refer someone to them. It works the same way like when earning a commission. The only difference is that you will only receive a credit of $5 if the person you refer spends an amount of $10 on the website or the gigs offered there.

Now, are you interested to join in this newly launch affiliate program by Fiverr? You know what to do, sign up already! Start earning those credits by making full use of your marketing and convincing skills!

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