Best CND for WordPress Sites – Make WordPress Blazing Fast With MaxCDN


Anyone with a WordPress-driven site rich in media content understands response time woes. When traffic hits that moderate to heavy stage, users start to complain that pages are slow to load. This is especially true for business sites that are hosted in places geographically removed from clientele.

But how do you speed up access to a client in Japan when your host’s server is in Florida? It doesn’t pay to buy hosting at different locations just to solve response problems. How else do you address it? One answer is to use a content delivery network, like MaxCDN. MaxCDN is hands down the best CDN for WordPress sites, and will immediately speed your site up once you sign up.


MaxCDN has been around since 2009. Their jobs is to cache your website at different geographic locations, using what are known as edge servers. These servers have copies of your website in order to spread out the requests and speed up response times. Anyone visiting your site will likely get the content from the closest server, which may be the origin server where your site is hosted, or one of MaxCDN’s edge servers. Getting data from the closest server provides a better experience, and takes pressure off the bandwidth limit of your hosting plan. The questions is: does MaxCDN deliver on this mission?


First, the cost. The company has several payment plans, depending on the amount of bandwidth you intend to use. Running a small but global business and just need a bump in speed? Try the basic $9 a month plan. Running a larger business or need protection just in case traffic spikes? You can scale up your needs to terabytes of data, but it’ll cost you thousands per month. Several plans sit between those two bookends, and there is a custom option available. It’s safe to say MaxCDN has an option for you.


Their servers are located all over the globe, speeding up response to users wherever they reside. In fact, some independent reviews have shown speed increases over 300% after using MaxCDN. And speed increase isn’t the only reason to invest. Maybe your site gets some social media coverage, or is the subject of a major news story. The last thing you need is a critical volume of potential customers crashing your website. MaxCDN will have your content on their servers, ready to back you up. If your original server fails, visitors still get the content delivered from an edge server. This is vital if you want to keep your sales funnel running through a sudden influx of traffic.

Aside from the speed and protection benefits we’ve outlined, there is one benefit of a CDN that you won’t get from the CDN themselves — better placement through search engines. Companies like Google have stated that loading speed does play a factor in their algorithms. If you use a CDN to boost your website speed, then by extension you’re helping its visibility. It’s a nice perk to your overall SEO efforts.


All this protection and speed is fine for your public facing content, but what does it take to administer it? Can the average website owner do it? In short, yes. By most accounts and reviews, their software interface is intuitive, giving users a single control panel to view all settings and stats. It’s easy to make changes on the fly. In the event you get stuck and aren’t sure how to proceed, give their tech support a call.  Chat, email, phone, and even fax support are easily available and manned by knowledgeable techs.
Your account security is taken seriously, as well. When you sign in, you can have SSL protection and two factor authentication. Want email alerts sent to you? Done. Need an IP whitelist to ensure only specific computers have access? They take care of that, too.  If you need more details about access, MaxCDN shows complete security logs and analytics. Find out who is accessing your website, which servers are being used, who is logging into admin accounts, and almost anything else you want to know.


In the end, MaxCDN offers a great CDN product at one of the lowest rates in the industry. Not only have they grown and thrived over the last six years, but they’ve kept their concentration where it counts. The performance and security of their customer’s websites is the best testimonial they can show to anyone looking for a content delivery solution. If you have one or more websites that are getting hit several hundred times a day, especially sites loaded with images and video, it’s worth giving MaxCDN a shot. We think you’ll find the value more than worthwhile.


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